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Financial Planning

We offer Financial Planning Success Solutions to help you better assess your financial pulse. Our goal has been to provide products and services that aid individuals and families in reaching goals and achieving dreams. Financial planning helps you see where you are relative to where you want to be. Your financial plan is key! Together with White Financial Group, you can create a perfectly tailored plan to guide you to financial success.

Retirement Plan

We often long for the day when we can stop punching the time clock and start hitting the snooze button. Whether you are just getting started, retire_pills
approaching retirement, living in retirement, or seeking to manage your wealth, White Financial Group has services to help you along the journey.

Now is the time to get the retirement income advice to help you live or continue to live comfortably in retirement.

Insurance Planning

Having the right amount of life, disability, and long-term care insurance is extremely important; so is not paying too much for it. Review your needs carefully with your financial advisor. Compare and contrast different companies. Get a real evaluation of what is available to you.

circle_graphChoosing the right insurance can be a daunting process. Not sure what kind of insurance you need? Not sure if you have enough to sustain your loved ones if something were to happen to you? We can guide you through the many insurance options for you and your loved ones, then help you choose the one that suits your lifestyle needs and future goals. Insurance often equals peace of mind; let us help you make the decisions that allow you to sleep better at night.


Tax Services

Do you want to minimize your taxes and maximize your tax savings? White Financial Group can help.

Don’t let taxes be a frightening thought for you. Be aware that tax planning is an important element in your overall financial plan. Smart tax planning can show you various strategies to reduce your taxes. As you go through the year, let us help you stay organized in preparation for your yearly filing and receive information on federal guidelines and the latest tax tips.
Keep tax filings legal, ethical, and benefiting you the most.

College Savings Plan

With the cost of tuition going up all over the country, now is the time to start planning for the day when your students leave the nest and head off for their higher-education adventures. Our solution-focused investment plans can help you make sense of the various college savings strategies and guide you through the sometimes murky waters of financial aid, parental contributions, loans, and more.

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